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Food Locker

Food Locker is a service to provide supplemental food and household supplies to families of the St. Francis community. Students and their families are identified as having a need for support in a variety of ways, or may seek the support. The foodshelf offers families basic, non-perishable items as well as hygiene, household supplies and school supplies. The program is discreet because the supplies are sent home with students in a backpack. Each student can choose to help designate the items their family is in need of, or the items are chosen by foodshelf staff. The food and other items distributed by our foodshelf comes from donations of food and/or cash to purchase food.

How it works

Any student can come to the Food Locker. Students can get a pass from their teacher, an administrator, a counselor, or the school nurse. Teachers can also take students to the Food Locker even when the Food Locker is closed. Items available include canned goods, pasta, rice, fruit, snacks, boxed dinners, soups, personal hygiene products and more.

Then they select their needs. For example, among food requests are ready to eat meals, such as soup or SpaghettiOs, or meals that need to be prepared, such as macaroni and cheese and canned fruits and vegetables. Personal hygiene requests are shampoo/conditioner, soap, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste and toilet paper, to name a few. The food is available to discretely be picked up and taken home in backpacks. Students return the empty backpacks for the next person.

Food Locker Hours: Before and after school and academic times. The Food Locker is located in Room D236.

For more information contact Heidi Robinson, Work Service Coordinator, 763-213-1622 or Beth Widell, Family & Consumer Science Teacher/FCCLA Leader, 763-213-1578.

How it started

St. Francis High School Family & Consumer Science teacher Beth Widell and her students in Fashion Club/FCCLA-HERO (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America), along with the help of Work Experience Coordinator Heidi Robinson and her students, started a foodshelf at St. Francis High School called Food Locker. The students recognized that not all families are able to provide enough food to feed their families every day. They wanted to give back by helping those families in need in this small way. Various community groups worked together to drum up donations.

A big part of the FCCLA organization is giving back to the community. Adviser Beth Widell and student Adianah Trevino Gartner came together knowing they would like St. Francis High School to give back to the community. The foodshelf is modeled after similar successful endeavors at Champlin Park High School and Coon Rapids High School.