• Keep safety in mind when purchasing clothing and school supplies.

    • Bright colored jackets are good. If you can find some with reflective tape stitched on even better. Dark colored jackets and camouflaged jackets make it hard for the bus driver and motoring public to see your child waiting at the stop.

    • Please choose a backpack appropriate for the student’s size. Too large of a backpack can cause the student to lose his or her balance while walking up and down the bus steps. Backpacks with items attached to the outside of the backpack or excessively long straps can get caught in the bus hand rail and should be avoided.

  • Please start now teaching your child the rules at the bus stop and on the bus.

    • Four rules that really need to be emphasized on the bus are

  1. always remain seated

  2. keep your hands to yourself

  3. share your seat

  4. talk quietly to your friends on the bus

  • At the bus stop, we recommend that parents wait for the bus with their child. 

  • What parents can do to help their child on their first day of school.

    • Write the student’s name, address, school, and teacher’s name on the inside cover of their backpack with permanent marker. Bus drivers are trained to look in the student’s backpack if unsure who the student is.

    • Have a parent meet the bus at the stop before and after school. Also please show your student where the bus stop is located in your neighborhood. This information will be sent in the middle of August.

    • Please make sure that your child’s information and transportation information is correct well before the start of school. Last minute changes can cause confusion with your child and district staff.

    • Parents can call transportation (763-753-7080) for steps on how to add a picture of your student to the route sheets for the bus driver. Please make sure you can see your child’s face and hair color in the picture.

    • Work with your children to learn the bus rules.

    • If you have a driveway stop, please make sure that your mailbox is clearly marked on both sides