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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I have schedule changes for the First Trimester of the 2020-21 school year?

Please visit the Counseling Office webpage for more information.

How do I schedule an appointment with my counselor?

SFHS school counselors start mid-August and can be reached by email (preferred) or you can call to make an appointment at 763-213-1590.

More about the Counseling Department

What school supplies do I need for my high school classes?

Teachers will let you know on the first day of the trimester, but it is suggested that you have notebooks, folders, pencils, pens and highlighters. Math Calculator: TI30 Texas Instruments (Algebra 2, Trig & Calc will need a graphing calculator). Some classes have a course fee and all supplies are provided.

Where is the registration book located?

Can I earn free college credit at SFHS?

SFHS has a number of College in the Schools (CIS) and Advanced Placement (AP) classes, both of which give students an opportunity to earn college credits while attending high school. Students can register for some AP classes as early as the 10th grade. Please see the registration book for more information. 11th and 12th grade students also have an opportunity to take PSEO classes outside of the district, again please see the registration book for more information.

See General Academic Tips > College Options

Will there be an open house prior to school?

A virtual open house will be made available on Monday, September 21.

How does the school assign the lockers?

There are no locker assignments for the First Trimester of the 2020-21 school year.

What is SFHS cell phone policy?

The general expectation is that students should not be using their cell phones during class without their teacher’s permission. Cell phones may be utilized between classes and lunch.

How do I register for school-sponsored sports?

Please refer to the Athletics & Fine Arts webpage.

If I have an issue, whom do I contact?

If there is a concern in the classroom, start by contacting the teacher. If concerns persist, involve the school counselor to help advocate and check in. If the issue is still not resolved, contact our assistant principal.

What is Advisory Time and Saints Time?

Advisory Time: Students are required to attend advisory on Mondays of each week. Students will meet with the same advisory teacher throughout the school year. We will usually have additional advisory days at the start of each Trimester. Please consult SFHS Saints Time calendar for the schedule for each trimester, which is available the first day of the trimester.

Saints Time is usually Tuesday through Friday depending on the weekly schedule. During Saints Time, students may get assistance from teachers in classes as needed. If students are not meeting with a teacher, they can go to one of the supervised areas. Saints Time is not scheduled for the First Trimester.

Advisory Time/Saints Time occurs every day, 10:00-10:31 a.m.. unless otherwise indicated by the Saints Time calendar.

The number one priority of Saints Time is for students to get academic assistance in classes. Students are expected to attend intervention when requested by a teacher and when they need assistance in a class. Students that are behind in graduation credits are required to attend intervention until they are on target for graduation. Students that are failing multiple classes are also required to attend interventions until they are passing all their classes.

What are my food options and lunch times?

Mainline, Burger/Chicken Pattie/Pizza line, a la carte salads, sandwich line, snack line Deposit money online through Infinite Campus or a check may be placed in the money box located by the front entrance. 

For the First Trimester lunch times will be based on a student's teacher. There are 19 different times staggered from 11:16 a.m. -1:14 p.m. for social distancing purposes. 

What are Homecoming and Snow Days Coronation?

Students vote on Royalty and King and Queen for Homecoming (fall) and Snow Days (winter). There is a Pep Fest with Coronation and crowning for both. For more information, please contact Deb Paquay.

Does Student Council have 9th grade representatives?

Yes, 9th grade representatives will be asked to declare their candidacy during 9th Grade Orientation and will give a speech at the beginning of the school year to their class. Students will vote for their class representatives during Advisory.

Student Council also welcomes 9th graders to join as a general member. Applications are available during orientation and in the main office during the first week of school.

How do I get an ID for school? When are school pictures?

Student IDs will be provided to students following the disbursement of Jostens JPIX on October 28-30, with retakes in November.