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Academic Lettering Program

The Academic Lettering Program recognizes students who continuous achieve academic excellence.


  1. To promote academic excellence, foster pride in academics, and act as an encouragement to students, their families, the school and staff, and the broad community that we serve.
  2. To recognize those students whose academic accomplishments are outstanding and who meet the established requirements.
  3. To make a statement to the student body and the community at large that academic accomplishment is a worthy goal deserving of recognition with a suitable award at least on a par with awards given for athletics and other high school co-curricular activities.


SOPHOMORES — A 3.9 GPA for five completed trimesters

JUNIORS — A 3.75 GPA for eight completed trimesters

SENIORS — A 3.5 GPA for eleven completed trimesters


Awards will be in the form of suitable certificates as determined by staff responsible for administering the program. The certificate, in turn, can be presented to the athletic director who will issue a chenille letter the same as those awarded for athletics. It is expected that students who become eligible for a letter for academic achievement may also be eligible for or already possess a letter award for participation in another activity or for previous academic achievement.

In such cases:

  1. When the academic letter is awarded subsequent to receiving a letter in another activity, the new award entitles the recipient to wear the "Lamp of Knowledge" chenille patch that may be purchased at the student's own expense.
  2. When the academic letter is a subsequent award to having already been awarded an academic letter in a previous school year, the new award entitles the recipient to wear a chenille bar to indicate a subsequent year letter, which may be purchased at the student's own expense.