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Change To Chill

Need a break or a Space to Chill?

Art: School Counselors in cartoon form relaxing in a room

Use our Virtual Chill Room or relax in our Live Chill Room located in the SFHS Counseling office.

Logo: Change to Chill by Allina Health

What is Change to Chill (CTC)?

This is a school partnership is offered through Allina Health and provides tools and resources to help teens identify and manage stress and mental well-being 

The website offers a wide variety of activities and information including:

  • mindfulness
  • guided imagery
  • practicing gratitude
  • resiliency building and more
  • chill breaks
  • stress assessments

St. Francis High School was awarded the CTC School Partnership Grant for the 2020-21 school year. This in-depth, school-based component of CTC provides SFHS with specialized staff training, and funding to create a "Chill Zone" - all focused on creating and supporting a culture of mental well-being in the school community.