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Schedule Corrections

Schedule corrections can be made during the first two days of each trimester AND only if it allows us to maintain a balanced master schedule and reasonable class sizes. 

Schedule corrections will only be made for the following reasons:

  1. Your schedule has a missing core / required course
  2. You are scheduled for the incorrect level of a course (Honors Eng 9 v. Eng 9)
  3. You have a hole in your schedule (empty class period)
  4. You have not satisfied a prerequisite for a course (i.e. Drawing 1 before Drawing 2)
  5. You failed a course in a previous school year and need to retake it
  6. You are physically unable to participate in a course (Doctors note required)
  7. You wish to change an elective AND the change would help balance class sizes.


  • Please register thoughtfully each year as your requests determine how we develop the master schedule and what classes will be available.
  • We DO NOT make changes to schedules for the following reasons:
    • teacher preference
    • to be in class with friends
    • to accommodate lunch preference
  • For Multi-Trimester Courses, CIS and AP courses, you must complete the Course Drop Form and have it completed when you see your Counselor.

Teacher Assistant (TA) Positions - 11th  and 12th grade only

  • If a student would like to be a Teachers Assistant they must ask the teacher they hope to work with. 
  • The teachers will make the formal request.
  •  counselors will review and add TA position to the students schedule if they are in good standing for graduation
  • Students Must complete a end of trimester TA reflection to earn credit for their TA position