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Student Council News

2021-22 Student Council Members

Advisor: Deb Paquay
President: Kaylee Kozak
Vice President: Tyler Edwards
Secretary: Jeanna Semler
Treasurer: Taylor Larson

General Members

Abigail Mitchel
Abby Mueller
Addison Engstrom
Alexis Vjoita
Alyona Viznyuk
Ava Randall
Ava Schmidt
Caleb Schoenrock
Cassandra Betz
Dannielle White
Elena Conant
Emily Kingston
Evelyn Begin
Gabby Koering
Julian Kletcher
Kiley Dustman
Lexis Wolfgram
Lily Waldvogel
Madison Bates
Natalie Campbell
Nathaniel Esboldt
Rachel Kopet
Sena Ruid
Sophie Edwards

Student Council is an elected group of students in grades 9-12 who represent the St. Francis High School in a professional and leadership manor. 

Student council Website

Student Council meets every Friday at 7:00 a.m. via Zoom. To join a meeting visit our website and click events for a meeting link. Ms. Paquay is the adviser for this group and Mr. Austin is our assistant. Students who are interested in student council must know it is a commitment that could easily fit within your schedule, even if you're in a sport or other activities. Student Council is an easy way to communicate with members, get in touch with the executive board and most importantly help make your school a better place! It is a great choice if you enjoy planning or just want to help make change within your school. To become a member visit our website under the applications tab and submit an application today!


Mission Statement

St. Francis High School Student Council serves the student body in all aspects of school life by linking students, administration and the greater community.

As members of the St. Francis High community, we honor academic and personal integrity. We uphold the values of positivity, respectfulness, being involved, determination, and empathy.

Snow Week 2022

Student Council Snow week 2022