The following students were recognized with individual honors for their performances and technical contribution to the play Magic in the Mountain during the Mississippi 8 All Conference One Act meet:

All Conference Honorable Mention Acting:
Preston Johnson, Chloe Betterman and Kim Hodgman

All Conference Honorable Mention Tech:
Hailey Kist and Bri Thomalla

All Conference Tech:
Chloe Betterman

All Conference Acting:
Samual Asid, Spencer Bongard and Lily Eastman

In addition, our 20 person team won an All-Conference Silver Academic Award with a collective GPA of 3.374.
The following students contributed to the Gold with GPAs exceeding 3.5 (all of these were above 3.7):
Kim Hodgman, Chloe Betterman, Karlyssa Anderson, Rachel Rinta, Freya Altman, Jacek Greene, Ella Donner, Lorilei Krohnfeldt, Elena Larsen and Bri Thomalla

The following students contributed with GPAS 3.3 - 3.49:
Olivia Hagerty, Zoey Karaschin and Hailey Kist

The group next heads to Chisago Lakes High School next Saturday to compete in the sub-section. Their public show is Friday night, January 27 at 7 p.m. They are hosting the middle school One Act that night as well. This week, these incredible mentor students will be welcoming the middle school to their stage, encouraging them, and designing lights and sound with them - as well as helping with back stage.
In addition, last weekend, as the Chapter Director of the MN Thespians, they hosted the Statewide Conference. Helping lead the conference were MN State Thespian Officers from St. Francis Ella Donner and Kim Hodgman. At the conference, two more St. Francis Students were elected to the student board. They are Olivia Hagerty and Elena Larsen. Ella Donner will also continue her service next year, while Kim Hodgman ends her term as she graduates this year.